Digital Design Jedi Apprentice – Where It All Began

The stickiness of my sweaty palms made me clench the side of my legs with sufficient unease. As I stood in front of my high school classmates, the only thing running through my mind was, “When will this be over?” The sentences and phrases that spewed from my mouth didn’t even make sense to me anymore, and I could only vaguely comprehend what my own mind was trying to spit out as I dreaded every second that rounded the clock. Can you guess the situation I was partaking in? A dual-enrollment, college credited, Speech course.

Now, prior to this experience, I knew absolutely nothing about any sort of digital design or persuasion techniques. If the teacher would have asked me if I had any insight into the three common rhetorical appeals originally introduced by Aristotle, I would have “politely scoffed” and turned to the unfortunate bloke sitting nearest to me and posed the question to him or her.

This class was certainty a learning experience, to say the least. Not only did it delve into the basics of design concerning websites, blogs, social media, and presentations, but it also taught me the facts of oratorical influences and persuasion. Not to brag or anything, but I would definitely consider myself “internet savvy” due to my extensive knowledge of the web.

In regards to the recent Buzzfeed Quiz, “Are You Mastering The Force Of Digital Persuasion,” I was the slightest bit offended that I did not rank as the ultimate Jedi Master. In reality, my result was as a mere Jedi Apprentice. I suppose this is understandable, and my pride is simply getting in the way of the rational perception of my true talent. On a side note, I probably acquired the majority of my knowledge on this subject by simply sitting in front of a computer screen, eating a box of Cheez-Its, and watching YouTube videos and scrolling through Tumblr.


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