Finding a Focal Topic: Passion and Research


It’s a simple word that gains recognition worldwide.

This past summer, I was introduced to an organization called The Paw Project. It promotes declawing alternatives for cats (of all shapes and sizes).

During the previous summer, I had an attitude of “I don’t want to do anything so I’m just going to watch Netflix documentaries all day.” This is when I came across the documentary, The Paw Project. It educated me about the crippling and painful effects of feline declawing. After pondering in my own thoughts for a while, I realized that my own two cats that I have loved and adored for the past thirteen years have also undergone this operation, and I felt incredibly guilty.

Angel Skittles

I remember the day that Angel and Skittles (my two kitties) had come home from the veterinarian’s office lacking their own claws. They were angry. I distinctly remember both of them refusing to properly use their litter box, as they had jointly decided to openly poop right out side of it. Needless to say, they did not forgive me for quite a while. Of course, I was only five years old at the time.

I would really like to follow in the footsteps of this organization to help inform the public of alternative options for their own cats. My favorite alternative option for this ongoing problem is a product called Soft Paws. They are nail clips for animals that are attached over their existing claws (with adhesive glue). This way, cats can have full control and access of their claws, but they just can’t scratch anything!


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