Video Compostition Proposal

Everyone knows that the majority of successful YouTube videos all have one thing in common: kittens or puppies. Phew, I got this covered.

“Declawing = cats = viewers = potential success”

There is a particular video style that I am interested in for this project—namely, a casual video blog that incorporates my personal experiences, as well as research, about the harmful effects of declawing. I am advocating individuals to stop declawing their cats.

I will be co-hosting the video with my three cats, Angels, Skittles, and Kathy. I’ll try to insure at least one of their presences within the frame at all times (treat bribery will be necessary). Rather than just talking in front of the camera the whole time, I’ll film bits and pieces of cute cat videos/pictures to insert over plain audio recordings every once in a while to enhance several of my main points. I will not directly include other people in the video, however, I might include text screenshots between my parents and I as we discuss our cats and declawing practices. Also, I could record onscreen forums or articles to use as discussion topics.

The finished product will most definitely be different from any proposal or makeshift plan that I made prior to the filming experience. Most of the time, I come up with the best ideas after I begin the actual recording process. Compared to the other projects that are required for this course, I am the most excited for this one. I have a bit of experience in filming and editing video clips. As I kid, I made a few amateur YouTube videos that were not too shabby (but I’m not proud enough to distribute them to anyone that I personally know). 

The video will show evidence of extensive research and familiarity with declawing and include rhetorical concepts and design principles.



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